CRM 2011: Solution Import Error – You do not have the necessary permissions to change the domain logon name for this user

A colleague of mine, David Pritchett, passes along this time saving tip when you have problems importing solutions and receive the error message as below:


The error message turns out to be related to the user not have rights to the directory shown below:


Once the user has rights, the solution will import correctly. Note – The side effect is actual a great way to lock down System Admin users from publishing solutions in restricted environments (forcing use of a deployment ID etc.)

CRM 2011:Outlook Client Returns More than 250 records when limited

We had a report that the CRM 2011 Outlook Client was returning more than 250 rows even though being limited by the CRM Administrator. It turns out that new pinning behavior in CRM 2011 Outlook client will override that settings. Let’s take a look..

In Outlook client, to the left of the view name, there is a small “Pushpin.”   This pushpin controls whether the view “obeys” the User Setting for the number of records to be shown per view.  Pushpin shown below in the un-pinned position:








When the pushpin is in the up position, it shows all available records that are based on the Users credentials regardless of the settings limitation.  This allows the user to scroll thru all the records at one time.

Although this can be handy when looking for a record lower in the alphabet, it there are ten’s of thousands of records, it could cause a real performance problem.


CRM 2011: Hot Fix Available (KB2651616) for Importing Solutions with optionsets (Picklists) Fails

When importing solutions from other systems (particularly advanced systems with tons of custom entities) you will receive an error message not allowing the import of the solution. If you download and open the error message, in the XML you will see that optionset values (picklists) fail. Even more specifically, left over optionsets from CRM 1.0/1.2 releases as well failing due to NULL labels.

The fix for this issue was a manually workaround deleting the values from the XML and reimporting the XML for the option set minus only. Thanks to Microsoft Support, we now have a hotfix available for those who cannot wait for the upcoming CRM 2011 Rollup 7.  The KB Article #is 2651616 and has not yet been published at this time.

You will have to request this download from Microsoft support directly.

CRM 2011 Outlook Client displays different navigation than Web Client after Sitemap Customizations

One of our CRM 2011 customers has a modified sitemap. Apparently, some of there machines where not displaying the navigation/sitemap correctly in outlook, but on the same machine the web client was just fine.

CRM 2011 Outlook Client Screen Shot of Navigation – See Order under Tribridge

Web Client Scren Shot of Navigation – Same Machine

It turns out this machine did not have the Office 2010 Cumulative Update for August 2011.

After installation, everything is showing as it appears in the web client.

Migrating CRM 4 Online Customizations to On Premise

Some customers have decided to go back to hosting their own CRM servers to allow for better backoffice integration and troubleshooting. When receiving the CRM Online 4.0 DB from Micrsoft make sure you identity which version of SQL server you have. Also, make sure your new CRM server is at CRM rollup 20.

You will want to update the systemuserbase and remove the “windowsliveid” data from all users. This will cause issues with mapping and turning on older disabled users.

Additionally, you might have to create a temporary domain user without CRM access, then add that user ID to the record in CRM first, save, then update again with the new domain\AD account associated with that user. In most cases, the users will have existing AD accounts that can be used to map over the records.