Microsoft announces Azure Express Route for CRM Online. Here’s why its important to you.

Jujhar Singh announced at Convergence EMEA at Azure Express Route is now available for CRM Online. Why is this important to you and your business?

CRM online is public cloud. Azure Express Route will allow dedicated network connections from your MPLS network to CRM Online. This will dramatically help improve not only connectivity to CRM Online, but also the ability to leverage Azure Services for your CRM data. This connectivity is big private cloud advantage that has just been neutralized and another step towards better integration as a hybrid cloud.



Read about it here:

Deploying and administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

This deployment and administration documentation, known as the Implementation Guide or IG in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is a set of comprehensive deployment and administration topics that can help you plan, deploy, configure, customize, and maintain Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 (on-premises) or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.



CRM 2011 Online: Access Error User Record Disabled in Business Unit

A customer had cleaned-up their user accounts in a effort to reduce their CRM Online license counts. They were experiencing random errors with scripts and onloads. The error message was:










Turns out CRM Online will let you disable the installing users (known as the billing administrator) account.

Simply re-enabling the deactivated user record returned system functionality to normal.

Requesting a copy of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Database

Companies often request if they can get a copy of their Microsoft CRM Online Database. The answer is yes you can!

You can request a copy of of your crm online database by calling 877-CRM-CHOICE or 877-276-2464, selecting option #2 for customer service. The request must be made by the billing administrator on file. This is the crmonline user account that was used to create the original CRM Online Installation.

Download requests in by Tuesday EOD are available by Thursday EOD via a secure FTP Site. Please see my other article about redeploying the CRM Online DB to CRM On Premise if you’re looking to use it as a CRM database. Enjoy!