CRM 2013: Under Construction!

The Microsoft Product and MVP team are hard at work testing and playing with CRM 2013. Rest assured
we will deliver a ton of content at product launch time. Many of the MVPs are hesitating posting new
details because we are under NDA with Microsoft. Once the NDA is lifted, I would expect a ton of
fresh, cool content.. Stay tuned..

License and Mobile Changes in store for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Some more details emerged today about CRM Online License Model and Mobile Options for CRM 2013..

We plan to offer the following competitively priced license options for our next release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online:

Professional ($65*) For the core CRM users, who need the full capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM including sales force automation as well as marketing and customer care.  We believe most users will find this license best fits their needs.

Basic ($30*)  For sales, service and marketing users who need to manage accounts, contacts, leads, cases and access custom applications as well as for business analysts who require reporting capabilities.

Essential ($15*) For light-weight users who need to access custom applications developed in house or by our vast network of partners.

(*) CRM Online list price shown per user per month in USD, actual pricing might vary by geography. Other fees may apply for add-on services such as additional storage, testing and production instances. Prices are exclusive of any fees you may incur to procure Internet connectivity.

More details from the original blog can be found here:




CRM Orion is now Official Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013!

Hot of the presses today, CRM Orion has officially been named to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 makes business personal!scrn-crm-vision-experiences













For more pictures and images of Orion:

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners can follow the launch at

In addition, they can follow and engage with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community @MSDynamicsCRM,