CRM 2011: Yammer and IPAD Integration Available for CRM Online

CRM 2011 has just announced integration with Yammer and IPAD. Please keep in mind that this is only available for CRM 2011 Online keeping with the roadmap of releases between OnPremise and Online. We expect this release to be available for on-premise possible near end of the 2nd quarter, start of the 3rd quarter 2013.

For more details, follow my Fellow MVP Mark’s technical write-up with a how-to!

CRM 2011: Update Rollup 12 Vs Polaris (On Prem vs Online)

There has been a lot of confusion on what is available in the UR12 / December 2012 AKA Polaris Release.

The first thing to understand is that the new Process Flow UI is only in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The cross browser functionality is available with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On Premise and Online Releases, along with some nice SDK updates like the Bulk API allowing for faster data imports via the web services, the enable multiple requests allowing for requests to be batched up versus calling for authentication on each one, just to name a few – Partial list below:

•Updated User Experience FLOW UI (CRM Online Only)
•Bing Maps Built In Integration
•Activity Feed Enhancements – Like/Unlike
•HTC Support in CRM Forms (HTML Components)
•Extended or Cross Browser Support
•Yammer & Skype Integration
•Bulk Data Load – ExecuteMultipleRequest (Scribe integrations)
•New Attributes for Lead, Opportunity, Case – Internal use only
•Custom Workflow Activities for CRM Online
•Developer Toolkit Support for Visual Studio 2012
•Improvements to FetchXML (additional statements SQL Like)
•Bulk Data Load – ExecuteMultipleRequest (Scribe integrations)
•New Complex Control Entity – internal use for product updates
•New FormXML Properties – sub grid inline editing controls
•Side by Side – Outlook Forms


There are many sources for what’s in Update Rollup 12, and the December 2012 Release Guide is a good place start!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 Link below:



CRM 2011: Online to On Premise – Import & Upgrade Error Windows Live ID

Recently, we have had to move some customers from CRM 2011 Online to CRM 2011 On Premise. It turns out the upgrade was failing around the mapping users. It turns out that the CRM 2011 Online uses a field called Windowsliveid. This is basically used in place of the domain\login fields that are used on premise. Having them together causes the upgrade to fail.

So, we need fix this via SQL update the organization before importing it into CRM 2011. From SQL Management Studio, open the CRM Organization database, and click new query. You can select from the systemuser base and scroll over to see the windowslive ID is populated or not. We can now replace that field with a null as it would be for a standard CRM 2011 On Premise Implementation following the syntax below. Now
proceed with your import of your database.

Please review my blog for dealing with removing Enterprise SQL Server Audit controls from the Database as well if you have importing to a standard SQL Server. Microsoft has since updated the request form to indicate what version of SQL you are migrating to, to avoid this issue in the future. Enjoy!