Requesting a copy of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Database

Companies often request if they can get a copy of their Microsoft CRM Online Database. The answer is yes you can!

You can request a copy of of your crm online database by calling 877-CRM-CHOICE or 877-276-2464, selecting option #2 for customer service. The request must be made by the billing administrator on file. This is the crmonline user account that was used to create the original CRM Online Installation.

Download requests in by Tuesday EOD are available by Thursday EOD via a secure FTP Site. Please see my other article about redeploying the CRM Online DB to CRM On Premise if you’re looking to use it as a CRM database. Enjoy!

Error Migrating Customizations from CRM 2011 Online to CRM 2011 Onpremise

Several customers have been migrating from CRM 2011 Online to CRM 2011 Onpremise in recent weeks. When building a test environment, I realized that the customizations from the CRM 2011 Online would not import into CRM 2011 On Premise.

After further investigation, the CRM 2011 Online customizations file contains an entity called visualization. This entity was used for the older CRM 4 Online dashboards and is not present in the On-premise versions.

Edit the XML to delete this entity, rezip and import! Enjoy.

Migrating CRM 4 Online Customizations to On Premise

Some customers have decided to go back to hosting their own CRM servers to allow for better backoffice integration and troubleshooting. When receiving the CRM Online 4.0 DB from Micrsoft make sure you identity which version of SQL server you have. Also, make sure your new CRM server is at CRM rollup 20.

You will want to update the systemuserbase and remove the “windowsliveid” data from all users. This will cause issues with mapping and turning on older disabled users.

Additionally, you might have to create a temporary domain user without CRM access, then add that user ID to the record in CRM first, save, then update again with the new domain\AD account associated with that user. In most cases, the users will have existing AD accounts that can be used to map over the records.

Migrating CRM 2011 Online databases to SQL OnPremise: Database cannot be started in this edition of SQL Server

When Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is installed using a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition (CRM Online) , a partition is created for the auditing functionality of Dynamics CRM 2011.

The AuditBase table uses partitioning which is only available for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. This also holds true for database backups received from Microsoft’s Data Center. This will give an error: Database cannot be started in this edition of SQL Server when trying to restore the database to a Standard Version of SQL Server 2008.

The fix can be complicated without a SQL 2008 Enterprise Server readily available. Instead, use a VM and upgrade that SQL to the Enterprise Edition. Then import the database you received from
the Microsoft Data Center. Next, run the script on the database (from the KB Below) to remove SQL 2008 Enterprise Edition features.

Now, you can copy this database back to your SQL Server 2008 standard edition and restore it for use with on premise CRM.