A Nice CRM Story!

We recently moved to Tampa this year and have started to build a new home. Imagine my surprise when the home builder, Standard Pacific tells me they have our information in CRM.
Excitedly, I ask which brand but they didn’t know. About 30 seconds later it was Dynamics CRM 2011, very well integrated with custom build your home aspx pages that created the opportunity!

I’m so proud to be a customer and support a dynamics CRM company. Of course they had some small complaints, maybe I can barter for some fixes for more options in our home! It also turns out that they are a Click Dimensions Customer! www.clickdimensions.com.

Just wanted to share with everyone including the product team! Btw If you’re looking for a new home, please contact Lizz Owen at LOwen@stanpac.com or 813.494-8105! She was fantastic!


Convergence 2014! Are you ready?

We are less than 30 days away from the biggest Dynamics event of the year. If you haven’t been to Convergence before, let me say that I would gladly give up my personal vacation time to attend. Convergence is the mecca for all things Dynamics including Dynamics CRM and ERP solutions, along with training courses from the CRMUG!

You will also find partners like Tribridge, and other ISV’s like ADX Studios and Trillium. Make sure to stop the booths inn the Convergence Expo! Convergence will be Atlanta GA Convention Center – March 3 – March 7, with CRMUG training on March 7th.

I will be presenting at both the CRMPC and CRMUG (partner and users groups) On Monday and Friday:
Dissecting CRM 2013 Upgrades – Best Practices and Lessons Learned at 3:15 – 4:00 pm
I will also be a member of the 2014 Convergence Social Media team, so you can find me at the Social Media Command Center, as well as with the Tribridge team during lunch and evenings at booth 609.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there, please stop by and introduce yourself!

Convergence Email Signature

Link to the event:

MVP Summit 2013

Thank you again to the community for helping me achieve this MVP Award for my second year.

One of the main reasons I wanted to become an MVP was not only to help others, but the deep interaction with Microsoft CRM product team. This is the core benefit of the MVP program. This November 18-23 will be no different as all Microsoft MVP’s are headed to Redmond for interaction with their prospective product teams.

From the CRM MVP team, it was great to see so many of my fellow MVP’s including some new ones from around the Globe. The interaction with this team of MVPs is priceless, second to none. We communicate daily with each other and form a giant virtual helpdesk helping each other with the daily challenges our companies, users and other MVPs encounter.

Unfortunately, all content from the MVP Summit is under strict NDA so we cannot share with you any details. Best Rest Assure, knowing that more good things are on the way from the CRM Product Team.

Thank you the community for helping me achieve this MVP Award.

We also took our customary CRM MVP photo.. I’m the tall guy in the back row glowing in white 🙂


Also got to take a picture with my Italian Mafia MVP’s from Italy! I’m in the middle!




See you at CRMUG Summit 2013!

Tribridge will be attending the CRMUG Summit in Tampa, this coming week Oct 20 – Oct 24th, 2013. For more details please go to www.crmugsummit.com. It’s never too late to register. Please look for our Concerto Cloud Branding and See you at booth 713!

Here’s my schedule in case your attending. I’d love to meet you or your co-workers at talk anything CRM! I will be at the Tribridge Lunch Tables – Daily from 12-2pm EST. Look for the Tribridge & Concerto Signs!

Tuesday October 22 4:15pm
ADFS and Single Sign on for MSCRM

Wednesday October 23 10:00am
Ask the MVPS – System Administrator Edition

Wednesday October 23 3:45pm
You Stay Classy and Keep it Tidy – CRM Administrators

Wednesday October 23 5:00pm
Ask the MVPS – Developer Edition

Wednesday October 23 5:00pm
So you want to be a CRM superstar

CRM 2013: How to disable autosave so my plug-in code won’t be effected

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, the feature of auto save has been introduced. This feature is really long overdue, and its a feature we often overlook each day. For example, if your typing an email response on your cellphone, and the phone rings, you answer it and go back to work, right? When you returned, your email was right where you left off!

This is the same concept for CRM 2013, and not forcing users to constantly press save and close. As you work on the system the data is periodically saved as indicated by the icon on the button right of the new UI.






As you can see above, the first ICON of the disc shows everything is saved. As you begin to work the icon changes letting you know you have unsaved changes to the page. If you wait for about 5 seconds the auto save feature will kick in and automatically save those changes for you!

While Microsoft CRM 2013 is certainly thinking ahead of design and form, many CRM 2011 plugins were designed to fire after a user saves a record. This save is captured and the plugin is fired, in this case, over and over again each time auto save kicks in.

Thankfully, Microsoft gave us an option to turn off auto-save for this release to help upgrading customers
whom may not have updated their plugin/sdk code as of yet. Please note, this feature will not be available in future releases, and your new designs should use the SDK Method that works with auto save.

For now, under system settings, you can click the button to disable to the auto save feature and save your upgrade and plugins! This will save you for now, but make sure to look to the future when considering to disable this useful option! Enjoy!








The CRM 2013 SDK also will provide insight into new methods available to watch the state of change.autosaveSDK


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Custom Code Validation Tool

To help you prepare for your upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, we have created the Custom Code Validation Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. When using JavaScript code in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it is possible that some code will stop working or cause an error when you upgrade.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Custom Code Validation Tool helps identify potential problems so that a developer can fix them. Please run this tool on your CRM instance to help identify potential issues with custom JavaScript in JavaScript libraries and HTML web resources. It will detect issues in the custom web resources that will no longer work after the upgrade is completed. The most common issues that this tool targets are:

•CRM v4 client SDK calls
•CRM 2007 end points
•Common DOM manipulations

Running this tool before upgrade will enable you to identify issues and fix them prior to your scheduled upgrade so that your upgrade process can run smoothly.


CRM 2013: Under Construction!

The Microsoft Product and MVP team are hard at work testing and playing with CRM 2013. Rest assured
we will deliver a ton of content at product launch time. Many of the MVPs are hesitating posting new
details because we are under NDA with Microsoft. Once the NDA is lifted, I would expect a ton of
fresh, cool content.. Stay tuned..

CRM Orion is now Official Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013!

Hot of the presses today, CRM Orion has officially been named to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 makes business personal!scrn-crm-vision-experiences

















For more pictures and images of Orion:


Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and prospects can learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/crm-vision.aspx.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners can follow the launch at https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/solutions/CRM/CRMLaunchPage.htm

In addition, they can follow and engage with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community @MSDynamicsCRM, http://www.twitter.com/msdynamicscrm.