MVP Summit 2013

Thank you again to the community for helping me achieve this MVP Award for my second year.

One of the main reasons I wanted to become an MVP was not only to help others, but the deep interaction with Microsoft CRM product team. This is the core benefit of the MVP program. This November 18-23 will be no different as all Microsoft MVP’s are headed to Redmond for interaction with their prospective product teams.

From the CRM MVP team, it was great to see so many of my fellow MVP’s including some new ones from around the Globe. The interaction with this team of MVPs is priceless, second to none. We communicate daily with each other and form a giant virtual helpdesk helping each other with the daily challenges our companies, users and other MVPs encounter.

Unfortunately, all content from the MVP Summit is under strict NDA so we cannot share with you any details. Best Rest Assure, knowing that more good things are on the way from the CRM Product Team.

Thank you the community for helping me achieve this MVP Award.

We also took our customary CRM MVP photo.. I’m the tall guy in the back row glowing in white 🙂


Also got to take a picture with my Italian Mafia MVP’s from Italy! I’m in the middle!




See you at CRMUG Summit 2013!

Tribridge will be attending the CRMUG Summit in Tampa, this coming week Oct 20 – Oct 24th, 2013. For more details please go to It’s never too late to register. Please look for our Concerto Cloud Branding and See you at booth 713!

Here’s my schedule in case your attending. I’d love to meet you or your co-workers at talk anything CRM! I will be at the Tribridge Lunch Tables – Daily from 12-2pm EST. Look for the Tribridge & Concerto Signs!

Tuesday October 22 4:15pm
ADFS and Single Sign on for MSCRM

Wednesday October 23 10:00am
Ask the MVPS – System Administrator Edition

Wednesday October 23 3:45pm
You Stay Classy and Keep it Tidy – CRM Administrators

Wednesday October 23 5:00pm
Ask the MVPS – Developer Edition

Wednesday October 23 5:00pm
So you want to be a CRM superstar