CRM 2011:Outlook Client Returns More than 250 records when limited

We had a report that the CRM 2011 Outlook Client was returning more than 250 rows even though being limited by the CRM Administrator. It turns out that new pinning behavior in CRM 2011 Outlook client will override that settings. Let’s take a look..

In Outlook client, to the left of the view name, there is a small “Pushpin.”   This pushpin controls whether the view “obeys” the User Setting for the number of records to be shown per view.  Pushpin shown below in the un-pinned position:








When the pushpin is in the up position, it shows all available records that are based on the Users credentials regardless of the settings limitation.  This allows the user to scroll thru all the records at one time.

Although this can be handy when looking for a record lower in the alphabet, it there are ten’s of thousands of records, it could cause a real performance problem.